Installation issues such as loose RF connections, poorly prepared cable terminations and damaged RF components are potential sources of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) at a cell site. Left uncorrected, these defects can impact service requiring expensive repairs to restore site performance.

Just as factory PIM testing has been used for more than a decade to verify PIM performance of RF components, portable PIM test equipment is now available to perform the same test at a system level in the field.

Alliance has partnered with industry-leader, Kaelus, for portable PIM test solutions. Kaelus has delivered thousands of highly reliable, portable PIM test sets to network operators and installation teams around the world to support field testing. Their rugged designs have been optimized for field use and are available in a variety of configurations to suit your testing requirements.

Lear more about PIM Testing in DAS Systems by watching an on-demand webinar on PIM. Click here to stream the video.

Kaelus also offers Calibration and Repair services for all of their test equipment.  For more information on these services please go to the Kaelus site.

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