Remote Fiber Feeder Cable Connectorization

With an onsite Fiber Connectorization lab, Alliance is currently the only distributor in North America able to offer connectorization of fiber cables.  

Alliance can cut to your desired length the cable you need and connectorize it in our lab, with a quick turn around.

Rff-wide-cableBenefits of Alliance connectorization:

  • Cable is cut to exact length required
  • Cable can be connectorized at one or both ends
  • Eliminates rigger errors
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Jumpers also available
  • Other accessories can be installed (ground kits etc)

We've connectorized trunk cables with as many as 48 LC connectors on each end. Don't take a chance on your breakouts, trust them to the company that connectorized millions of LC connectors in 2012 alone.


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