Hybrid Remote Fiber Feeder Cable

A Single-Cable Power And Fiber Solution

Hybrid or Composite Remote Fiber Feeder Cable (RFF) combines DC power and fiber in one high performance cable that keeps remote radio heads powered with efficiency. The gel-free cable design includes a UV-rated overall outer jacket, rugged lightning-tested shield, and dry moisture-blocking elements within each buffer tube and throughout the cable.

cableFiber Components

Remote Fiber Feeder (RFF) Cables can be offered as single mode or multi-mode with two to six fibers per fiber component, and can offer built in redundancy to provide both insurance and future proofing. 

Power Components

The current-carrying component can consist of either two or three copper conductors: positive, negative, and ground as a third option. The RFF Cable is rated to 48 volts DC and, depending upon size chosen, will meet even the most stringent maximum voltage drop allowances.

Greater Routing Flexibility

A single composite RFF cable takes up a fraction of the physical space of a traditional RRH deployment using separate fiber and copper lines. With an increasing number of components, at both ends, the efficient design means being able to navigate tight spaces easier, giving you more options when it comes to planning and routing both in the shelter/cabinet and on the tower.

A Combined Solution Offers More Benefits

As the first copper/fiber feeder line cable specifically designed for remote radio head applications, the Remote Fiber Feeder Cable (RFF) not only helps improve your bottom line today, it helps position you to take advantage of the possibilities of tomorrow.

Reduce Both CapEx and OpEx

At just 0.35 lb/ft (0.52 kg/m) for the 8awg and .26 lb/ft (0.39 kg/m) for the 10awg, a single run of RFF cable is significantly lighter and more compact than using individual power and fiber cables, and the space-consuming conduit often required. That translates into reduced tower loading and lease holding expenses. And because installers only pull a single cable, at most, to each remote radio head or sector, the installation savings quickly add up.

Easy to Install and Connect

The Remote Fiber Feeder (RFF) Cable accommodates a variety of connectors, including the small form factor LC connectors. When paired with an LC connector, the Remote Fiber Feeder Cable assembly makes better use of every cubic inch of available space. The Kevlar® ripcord quickly strips the moisture-blocking sheath and armour providing easy access to the copper conductor and fiber components.

Built-in Redundancy and Expandability

Two tight buffered fiber components provide redundancy and insurance for your current system as well as expansion capacity for the future. Need to add additional radio heads per sector? Want to transition from SIMO to MIMO? With Remote Fiber Feeder Cable, the capability is built-in––without having to pull another cable.


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