wireless-access-antennasWireless access products are used to build Wide Area Networks in locations where wire line networks are either not available or not preferred. Wireless access networks can be designed to provide up to 54 Mbps to each node on the network. Wireless access networks are secure, often meeting ultra-high security levels such as FIPS-140 and other US military security requirements.

Sometimes called Wireless Access solutions or Point to Multipoint solutions, these products allow you to connect multiple locations together using a central access point. The total number of systems is reduced because you can build a One-to-Many type of network.

WiMAX is as a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL. Alliance Corporation provides both WiMAX-based access products and proprietary solutions.

We work with industry-leading wireless access manufacturers to bring you a wide variety of products and we help you design the right solution for your needs, based on a number of considerations such as network capacity, required data speed, relative cost and availability of radio frequency spectrum space.

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