Transportation hubs such as marine ports and train yards play important roles in this realm of globalization with raw materials and finished products moving around the world.Alliance-Corporation-Marine-Port-Wireless-Solutions

Modern industrial ports need to process containers quickly and efficiently so they can move onto their next destination. Terrorism continues to be a threat and so port security is also a concern.

In a harsh environment with mobile heavy equipment and ships, older wireless systems could be slowed down by signal interference. Newer broadband wireless equipment has overcome these interference issues caused by multipath conditions.

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Some of the benefits of a broadband wireless network for ports:

  • Transmit voice, data, video surveillance on a single network
  • Connect cameras throughout the port for video surveillance – security and safety
  • Save on operations budgets with reduce fixed telecommunications T-1 line charges
  • Tighten security and improve worker safety
  • Improve communications between crews
  • Provide telemetry including real-time tracking of containers
  • Minimise time in port for ships