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As service providers and enterprises scale their wireless access networks to enable powerful new applications and services, many existing backhaul solutions are rapidly becoming a major bottleneck. DragonWave’s packet microwave and packet convergence backhaul solutions hold the key to unleashing true broadband with the capacity, flexibility and cost efficiency needed for a smooth evolution to high capacity packet networks.


Hybrid Microwave



Harmony Trunk

The Harmony Trunk is a hybrid microwave solution with the capability to smoothly migrate from full-TDM, to Hybrid, to full-IP via a simple software configuration.  Operators can transport TDM and IP signals natively over the air without any encapsulation or mapping. More info


Harmony First Mile 200

Part of the Harmony microwave solution, this reliable switch is optimized for tail and chain sites where 3G and LTE/4G base stations are co-located with 2G base stations. This system also aggregates TDM and packet traffic locally. More info


Harmony Hub 800

Part of DragonWave’s Harmony backhaul solution, the Harmony Hub is a compact indoor unit which provides maximum flexibility for 2G, 3G and LTE traffic aggregation. More info


Packet Microwave

Dragonwave Harmony Eband System

Harmony Eband

By operating in lightly used 70/80 GHz spectrum, Harmony Eband can be deployed in areas where traditional frequencies have limited availability. More info


harmony enhanced

Harmony Enhanced

Harmony Enhanced is a high capacity, long reach, multi-service radio operating in the 6-42 GHz spectrum bands. More info

harmony enhanced mc 








Harmony Enhanced MC

This high capacity packet microwave builds upon the Harmony Enhanced family by delivering multi-carrier system thereby doubling the capacity available in a single ODU. More info


Dragonwave Harmony radio lite

Harmony Radio Lite

Harmony Radio Lite is a complete microwave system housed within a single all-outdoor unit with standard Ethernet interfaces and integrated antenna. More here


Horizon Compact +

Equipped with DragonWave’s Bandwidth Accelerator technology, the Horizon Compact+ achieves the highest degree of spectral efficiency, delivering more capacity per channel than any other all-outdoor microwave system. More info


Horizon Quantam

Delivering from 2 to 4 Gbps per link, Horizon Quantum represents the next generation in packet microwave technology and sets a new benchmark for performance. More info


Small Cell Solutions


Avenue Link

The Avenue Link is an all-outdoor small cell backhaul solution that combines a high capacity packet microwave system, flat-mini antenna and system cover in a small, zoning-optimized form factor. More info



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